Pic Nic

We went on a pic nic with some friends the other day. I was just about to the table when Kristi from behind me said
“So … are we going to sit with the deer?” I looked all around me and had no idea what she meant … still, I froze in place. She had to direct me three times before I actually saw it …. right in front of my face, about three steps away.

I think it just hung around the area waiting for campers to feed it.

We named him Buck.

Isn’t she cute? 5 weeks.

 Anyone else want to draw a Superman Cape on his back?


With all of the driving that we’ve been doing recently, I’ve been reading quite a bit. I’ve found that, for whatever reason, I can read for hours in the car on my Nook without feeling the slightest bit ill. It’s been fantastic.

Yesterday I started a book (I Am Number Four) when we left the border and finished it as we rolled into town.
It was a really good book. But can I rant? It’s more against myself than anything else:

Dear Me:
Why oh why do you start these books without looking to see if they will be some sort of a series? You know better than that. Do you remember how you feel when you get to the end of the book, only to find a blank page staring at you in the face? Always the same: scream in frustration, run to the computer, look up the book, exclaim when you find a ‘part 2’ and then hang your head mournfully when you find it won’t be published until some far off date in the future.

It’s your own fault,


Sincerely,  Me
ps, Also though, I believe they should put warnings at the beginnings of each book. Would “This is a part of a series” really be THAT difficult to add?! 


 One of the days was reserved for kayaking.

 We loaded up early morning and got ourselves situated.

 The weather, although very cold, was better than anticipated as it didn’t rain. That was a blessing.

 We stopped off at a small island to try to get a fire going … but every single piece of wood was soaked through. By this time we were all beyond cold and decided to head to shore … and our warm showers.


 Even though we all had blisters, cuts and bruises from our hike, we tried to stick to the original plan and see some sights.

 We stopped in at two caves. The first one was an open air cave, carved out by ages of rushing water.

 It was breathtaking.

 The girls waded in the water, and found it to be much less cold than we thought it would be.

 The second cave was an underground one. We got to the opening and found that at some point, a flood or small cave in had blocked the opening.

But we kicked, shuffled and yanked until the opening was there again and we all climbed down.

The Cove

 Because of the weather, we hiked out a day earlier than planned. It was a good thing we did; the weather got progressively worse and worse.

 We spent some down time walking around an old tourist town while letting our sore bodies try to heal.

 Once it got too cold there, we went inside for hot drinks.

 The boardwalk between some of the buildings.

Last Day

It started to rain… more.

 With the days getting darker and colder, we found we were colder and more apt to remain seated around the fire.

 Riley was freezing and made his home in people’s jackets.

But there were some fun things that washed up on the beaches, like balls for Luna to play with.

Day to Relax

 We made camp on the beach and then went in search of water. It was about another 2km there and back, so we tried to make the trips count.

Looking back at the waterhole, I found Lexi being a creep-o and staring at me.

It started to rain by the second day, so we put up a tarp in a half-attempt at staying dry.

The rocks around the beach were full of creatures, especially starfish.

Some of them even let us hold them!

 Relaxing on the beach.


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